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Universal health care. Wow.

We have been debating this back and forth for some time now, and I feel many of us citizens are afraid of it. Government Controlled health care. It can be a scary thought because it totally goes against the free market idea but I am all for efficiency and total coverage of Americans.  There are quite a few problems addressed in the debate for universal health care but no system is perfect, that’s a fact we can all agree on.

First we have to define how the program will effect American’s the best: Should the program be designed to benefit the majority of Americans? Americans who cannot afford basic health care? These questions are difficult to decide on because obviously, we would love to cover everyone, but there are problems with that as well.

In other countries, it has been working well but what about the quality of health care? I found an interesting article: It talks about the amount of MRI machines available to the populations of countries. It ranks Canada 12th for the number 0f MRI machines per million people. Japan and the U.S. are the highest. Japan is also on a universal health care system. They also have the healthiest people and the cheapest health insurance. However, having the cheapest health insurance means that their doctors aren’t paid that well. Check it out with this article:

It seems that the U.S. and Japan are at polar ends of the universal health care spectrum; The U.S. is way to damn expensive, and Japan is way to damn cheap. Maybe the U.S. should look at Japans health care system and meet them in the middle, per se.

There are costs and benefits of both systems, however we need to balance it. We can’t let private insurance companies monopolize the health care system like they have done in some states  and we can’t let the health care become socialized.

I just hope legislation can come to a compromise to get the best of both worlds.


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