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My sup’ed up HTC fuze from ATT that runs on crack is my baby. My baby tells me when to wake up, when to go to class, what the weather is like for the week, what needs to be done today, what emails I have from, and who wants to go party tonight. I have pledged my allegiance to my phone and will die by it. Sickening isn’t it? I feel that I have become a part of the hyper-connected population of the world, where I can receive information from anywhere at anytime. But is this in an addiction?


I am pretty much addicted to the internet, I have a need, not a want, to go on the web and google anything that intrigues me or better yet, check my facebook about 12 times an hour. However, there is good use that comes from the internet, I am able to complete tasks that would require much more time and effort without the use of the internet or my phone.

However, the internet as you know, has it’s share of problems. Take this video for example:

It’s astonishing to find out that 90% of juvenile crimes committed in Beijing are related to the internet, these figures could be wrong but the idea of it still bothers me. People are actually killing over video games, let alone, dying because of video game binges. This is a serious awakening.

Is the world going to be super connected? Will we leave our physical self behind for a virtual life? Seems like a touchy topic, but I want your opinion. Where are we heading? Heres my opinion: The internet will go as far as it is profitable, pretty damn far. I can see chip implants in our brain being possible.

Internet Addiction is a serious disease and a treatable one, please visit this website if you or know someone who needs help:


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