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What happened to our education system, seriously, W-T-F.

“…only 52 percent of public high school students in these cities graduate after four years, while the national average is 70 percent. Some 1.2 million public high school students drop out every year, according to researchers.” This was found Here, published in 2008. Even worse, reading deeper in this article, Detroit pretty much the poorest city in the US, has a graduation rate less than 25% from its public high schools.

READ MORE:It seems that we are falling behind compared to other countries. Most of the Asian countries have raised the standards and have past us. We are competing on a global scale and America needs to swallow their pride to except the fact that we have a problem.

Trying to argue our education as being sufficient is like building a skyscraper out of sand.

Understandably, reform will not be swift, orderly or happen anytime soon. We first have to identify why our students are not grasping the education: the explosion of social media? parents? teachers? lack of funding?

I think we won’t see a change in our education system for awhile, partly due to other problems at hand: economy, universal healthcare, war in Iraq.

Even if the necessary changes were made today, it will take time for students and teachers to adapt. So lets start to plan for a new system and make some suggestions on how it should operate. Post your comments!


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