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I was quite surprised this happened. I have no idea how it slipped through, but it did.

Last week for spring break a few friends and I went on a trip. When we got to the airport, one of us was checking our bags and we put all of our items that were over the 3.4oz rule along with razors and other items that cannot be taken on a plane with a carry on. We proceeded through security normally with no problems.

Once we arrived to our condo we would be staying in for a week, we unpacked. My friend realized he had forgotten to put his travel bag into our friends bag that would be checked. To our surprise, his travel bag was in his carry on bag  which contained a disposable razor and a pocket knife.


I hope all of you that are reading this are thinking, “we spend billions of dollars on TSA and FAA and this manages to pass through?”

I will not release what airport we went through. Security should not make a difference in what airport you travel from.

I am still surprised writing this. How did this happen. Sure, we had no intentions of high jacking a plane, we were just harmless college students on spring break, the only threat we posed was to our livers.

The point I want to make, as briefly stated above, taxpayers pay billions of dollars for state-of-the-art equipment to scan luggage and pick up objects that would be considered a flight risk. I am sure that some things slip through once in awhile, but we have standards and clearly, they were not met.

Here is the TSA’s vision: “The Transportation Security Administration will continuously set the standard for excellence in transportation security through its people, processes, and technology.” FAIL.

Maybe the attendant at the X-ray scanner found the knife, saw us college kids and thought of us as no threat. It would be better if the attendant didn’t see the knife and by accident, let the knife slip by because if attendants start underestimating people, there will be a huge breach of security. Terrorist will start dressing like Guido college student s on spring break and when they see something threatening in the scanner and look at the terrorist posing as a spring break college student. “Next in line please.” Terrorist just boarded the plane.

I understand this is very hypothetical and very unlikely. But it is possible, don’t forget that part.

I’m sure all of you have heard about the underwear bomber from Nigeria. Here is a video that talks about how the CIA and TSA failed to make use of the warning signs of the bomber. Obama  has ordered a review about the agencies involved and appointed retired Maj. Gen. Robert Harding in charge of TSA. Watch the video first.


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