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After reading a passage out of Glenn Beck’s “Common Sense” I had to share it. But before you start to bash Glenn Beck, read about his roots.

He does have a few things in his book where I had to disagree with but this got me thinking a bit:

There are many in Washington and in academic circles who want to leave you defenseless -they seek to compel you to rely on the government for your own protection. They believe that our best defense against gun violence is to hope that “the shooter will eventually run out of  bullets.” READ ON: That sentiment is easily shared by those who have armed guards, send their children to private schools, and can afford to live in gated communities.

I have to argue that not ALL politicians want us to be defenseless; they are acting in our best interest, most of the time. But we can’t blame them for doing this. In my opinion, the people who write to congress are typically the most politically active citizens. So they will go the extra mile to get laws passed. But these citizens may advocate for/against something in order to protect their own interests and forget that they could piss off a lot of other people.

For example: a woman’s son was gunned down by an illegally purchased weapon, this justifies her reason to advocate restrictions on laws. Make sense? By all means, she should, so it doesn’t happen to someone else’s son.

But people like this fail.

A nice poster, rstone, had this to say:

And what exactly does “be more vigilant in spotting straw purchasers” mean? Do they want the store owners to profile the customers on their own? The buyer either passes the federal background check or they don’t. That’s the law. Is the store breaking the law? Apparently not if the DA is commending them. If this group has a problem with the law, they should take their protest to Harrisburg as is their right. But no, they prefer to harass private business owners that are doing nothing illegal.


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