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Here is an addition to my previous post about gun laws:

These laws were taken out of “Glenn Beck’s Common Sense”:

In Washington, D.C., government officials will let you register handguns that are olive-drab green, dark earth, or black, but not two-tone black because that color doesn’t appear on a “safe handgun roster.”

The city of Chicago requires you to reregister your gun every year, and if you do not comply, the gun is considered “unregisterable”-meaning that it can no longer be kept within city limits.

In New York City, obtaining a gun permit can take nearly a year and cost more than five hundred dollars. Moutains of notarized paperwork must be meticulously filled out, including character references and driving records, and the applicant must undergo a personal interview with a police investigator.

Check out this video though, it talks about the gun law myths, how they can actually increase murder rate and what benefits having a concealed weapon can provide. A viewer said “guns are not the problem, people are.”


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