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I attended a couple of conferences this week, the first one was the American Marketing Association International Conference in New Orleans, LA. The other was the Midwest Journalism Conference in Bloomington, MN.

Bill Blank from GMR was at the AMA conference to talk about buzz marketing. In a nutshell, GMR “Creates, executes brand engagements that captivate consumer attention to influence opinion, behavior or purchase.”

That is pretty much what marketing is, to get you to buy. But buzz is a little different. It is to take a business or product or whatever, and place it into an audience to get this audience to interact with what you place. A perfect example of this: a rumor.

Oh my God, did you hear that Sally got so wasted last night?!”



When this conversation carries out mostly because people are curious and want to know what is going on, they ask questions and people talk. “Who is sally? What did she do? Why did she do it? When did she do it?” These questions are just like buzz marketing. It’s a catalyst to get people to know more, get involved, buy or whatever you what the audience to do.

It is not for everyone though: Bill Blank said that “half of the buzz marketing campaigns for 75% of fortune 1000 companies fail.”

Now this social media stuff.

After attending the MW Journalism Conference, I got a better grasp of its practicality.

One of the sessions was a social media session that explained how to drive viewers to your youtube videos. After the speakers were done, we had to shoot a video, upload it to youtube and tweet about it as fast as we could. The fastest was about 3.5 minutes. Then we had to continue to post videos with the #mwjournconf on twitter to drive viewers.

This only works if you have a lot of followers or use a good hash tag when people search for it. But linking Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, WordPress and other social media websites will really drive the audience to go somewhere.

The best way is to always start with Twitter. Post a few tweets about what you want people to do and offer them a place to get more info, whether it be a website or another social media place, but continue to get them to snowball the audience to create a “buzz”.


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