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Homeland Security has done it again… Thanks to the new “Secure Flight Program.”

If any of you can recall the event where my friend accidentally left a knife in his carry on and it was never caught by the TSA, this is really going to shake your head at the bright individuals that work for our government.

Alyssa Thomas and her family were boarding for a domestic flight when they were pulled aside because her name turned up on a terrorist list. The FBI cannot say anything more about the mysterious list such as how many people are on it, who is on it or even why.

Whatever the case is, what the hell? Maybe the FBI has a good reason for putting a 6yr old on a terrorist watch list. It’s well over my head because I cannot seem to think of a good, legitimate or even bizarre reason. Funny thing is, a few months prior to the incident, they were in Mexico. No terrorist then?

Read the Article and watch the video here OR Watch just the video here


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