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I have yet another story to add to my venture into the depths of the effectiveness of airport security. Read my story on how my friend had a pocket knife in his carry on luggage and was not caught, first. Then read the story about the 6 year old girl who was put on a terrorist watch list, second.

So a reader of my blog came to me anonymously and wanted to tell me of his story of how he feels the TSA is just doing a poor job. Let me first add that they are doing a good job keeping profiled individuals in check. Any person in a tan body is rigorously checked; violation of rights? For instance, the Nigerian that attempted to blow up Northwest Airlines Flight 253. He tried to detonate his explosive that was molded to his body but was immediately overpowered by passengers and crew. This could of been prevented if authorities who were WARNED of this ahead of time from the father put him on a no-fly list, but never added the terrorist to the list. Please take note that after this bombing attempt, airport security was increased all over the world. Read the article from BBC from the link above.

After this  increase in security, it is still possible to sneak prohibited objects through airport security. My reader, a few months ago traveled to Florida for a few days. Before his flight, he went through security with no problems. He then got on the plane, stowed his luggage and found his seat. His hands at his side felt a hard object in his pocket. He reached in and found a box cutter. Are you kidding me? A box cutter?

I understand that getting through security adds time to get on a plane and it can also bottle neck people from boarding, but there is no excuse. Safety of the travelers must always come first, always. Just get to the airport sooner and plan ahead. You can help make this investigation that I am creating useful. Be honest to me and you will be kept anonymous, your name and where this occurred will be kept confidential. If you know anyone that has slipped through security with a prohibited object, I want to know. Aggregating these stories can raise awareness to  pressure authorities to step up effectiveness in stopping terrorists and help protect the lives of individuals. Please leave a comment or send me a message.


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