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This has been quite some time since my last post, so I excuse my delay. I have been transitioning from the European mindset to an American one which proves to be difficult since I have become accustomed to becoming more relaxed (lazy) with life. Now I am trying to create that “competitive position” again inside the chatersphere.

Let’s brief you on the topic. As my last semester as an undergrad, I chose to create an independent study. I wanted to understand more about mobile applications; specifically, what motivates users to use them more. This will become a time consuming but very enlightening research study. To start out, I focused on speaking with the experts: ad professionals. Liz Giel, a digital strategist from Fallon recommended as a good resource to check out. Following the 20+ articles I found I moved on to and numerous others. I felt I had a pretty good direction.

It seems to me through a general enquiry of the topic that mobile applications are not yet fully perceived as a cost effective channel to reach target audiences, with a few exceptions. I have found from both agency professionals and articles agree that mobile websites tend to be more effective to reach audiences since anyone with a mobile browser can interact with it.

There is a trade off though: Apps get more face time than mobile websites.

Now I need to revise my direction. Maybe, how to reach a larger audience with mobile apps? Who knows, they are all good questions and I will go where the research guides me.


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