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Audi VS Mercedes has been a battle that has been making ad agencies very happy. Audi, for some time now, has been directly competing against them in their advertisements as a way to change the perception of luxury and fun, much like Cadillac did with their new line of STS sedans.

Audi and their new campaign to one up Mercedes in my mind has been fairly successful at changing the luxury perception of Mercedes being “Old Luxury” catering to elite rich folk and Audi becoming the “New Luxury” who caters to the savvy, yet young business man.

We have all seen their advertisements but this one holds more relevance:


We have all seen the Audi “Goodnight” commercial, but this one I feel, is a bit more fun. It explicitly pokes fun at Mercedes Benz owners as gullible and snooty.


Mercedes responds with adverts about their vehicles but this one is a very direct product of the battle as a response to Audi’s positioning of their advertising. This ad tries to show that they can be fun, too.

Both ads have an interesting take on customer’s perception of each brand. One tries to perceive that it is fun luxury, while the other tries to change perceptions that it is just as fun. Trying to remove bias: each brand is attempting to one-up each other.

Once the Consumer is Hooked:

When the consumer enters a high involvement state (ready to buy, more cognitive processing), the consumer who is debating between Audi and Mercedes most likely being their information search, via website.

Mercedes does a great job conveying their message not only through a TV commercial, but on their website:

Mercedes capitalizes on on the brand and the image of the vehicle.

Adds pictures to the text to reinforce meaning and emotional appeal.

The Mercedes AMG website which is for their high-performance line, it has an interactive presentation and has easily accessible, raw information when the prospective buyer is looking for it.

I’m am a die-hard fan of Audi, but their website does not reciprocate the emotional and cognitive appeals from their TV advertisements compared to Mercedes, less interactive presentation.

Cluttered links, hard to find technical information and blocks of mass text looks unappealing.

Again, just below this slide show on the Audi website, mass text, nothing organized.

Further down the previous page, all text.

Bottom Line

Audi does a great job changing perceptions that it is the superior luxury brand, but for the consumers who need the raw technical specs to make a buying decision, Audi lacks.


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