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Social Media | Digital | Technology | Advertising | Mobile

I am the Chief Account Officer for OMG Agency and our newest project: ByME and recently graduated with a B.S. in marketing. I am an advertising and social media junky and fascinated with everything mobile. Since social media|advertising|mobile is an ever-evolving subject, I want to gain and apply knowledge through this blog from comments and research. My goal with my blog is to reach an influential audience and incite to reflect on my posts.

Many of the topics I talk about are related to social media but also mobile devices, technology, ethics, theories and the general news. Blogs by definition and history, tend to:

  • Be more opinion based than journalistic standards of news writing
  • Contain bias
  • Attract people who argue with opinions and prejudice

However, as I like to give my opinion on topics, I will try to keep my posts neutral and offer both sides of the story.

I LOVE comments. I encourage all who read my posts to follow through with constructive comments so that both the reader and I can exchange knowledge and mutually grow from this blog.


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