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Upon my graduation, I felt it necessary to change the name from “The Student’s Perspective,” to BAMF MKTG. Not only is it politically correct, but its BAMF awesome.

Three reasons why this blog will be better:

1. Bolder

2. More posts

3. More relevant

I am still developing the page and seeing that I lost a lot of CSS skills, I will have to re-teach myself. In the mean time, I will be raising issues, posting questions, and starting conversations. Have a topic to discuss? Share it. Nothing is more rewarding than starting conversations with like-minded strangers with mutual respect for marketing.


I have finished everything with my Mobile Application Research Study I conducted during my final semester at Winona State University. I attached it below. Copyright is mine, but you are free to use my work as long as you attribute any of my research and the works of th authors and organizations mentioned.

Any thoughts are welcomed! –>Mobile Application Final Click Here


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