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I know all of you have watched and helped Old Spice become viral. Over the past year, they have transformed a once troubled brand personality into web Dynamite. Boom!

Sure, they have brand awareness, social media implementation (genius use of Twitter and Youtube) and conversation, tons of conversation. But before I go through the low-down of what Old Spice created, watch a few parodies, then come back.

Sesame Street Parody

Scholar Grades Parody

I hope you enjoyed them! Let’s talk some sense though. If you are following social media, love social media, in the social media industry, then you know very damn well that is it difficult to measure your ROI on a social media campaign. Sounds easy to look at campaign budget, compare sales figure spreads, then formulate. No. You cannot account for conversation and other variables. In some cases you can, with new software revolutions in the industry. Maybe you can over a long term approach, but According to an Adweek blog, Ad Freak, published August 4th, just 6 months after the Red Spice campaign, stated some numbers gathered from the Wieden + Kennedy Agency, two I love and one makes me dumbfounded:

-Half the conversations came from women. (Great! The secondary target market responded!)
-The YouTube/Twitter social media response campaign was “the fastest-growing and most popular interactive campaign in history.” (Saw that coming when Old Spice Man responded to twitter questions.)

-Since the campaign launched, Old Spice Bodywash sales are up 27 percent; in the last three months up. 55 percent; and in the last month up 107 percent. (Quite a data confusion)

See, I looked at other people talking about the same mess. SymphonyIRI did some research on sales figures:

(Picture courtesy of Ad Age) Looks good for the overall but two commenter’s from Robert Paterson’s blog, also talking about Old Spice published July 27th suggests good insight:

Commenter 1: “According to PR Week sales of the product increased over 100% last month. A piece in uses the same SymphonyIRI study to show that sales were up 7.9% from the previous year.”

Commenter 2: “…people have got to STOP citing these SymphonyIRI numbers in reference to the Old Spice campaign. They measure the year ending June 13th, 2010, a full month BEFORE the viral/social aspect of the Old Spice campaign even started.”

Granted these results were made in July, the point stays the same. Digging some more, the media took the hook on the first results when actually the results were misleading. But something more interesting is that coupons also had a major effect on sales, Buy-one-get-one-free. In that same article from Evidence Soup, they provided a quote recorded by Ad Age on the Procter and Gamble spokesperson, Mike Norton:

“How much of Old Spice’s recent gains… come from Mr. Mustafa’s ads and how much from the coupons? It’s impossible to know.”

So now I wait for official results, if there are any, on the success of the campaign. Either way I loved the campaign, I subjectively believe that the campaign had positive ROI in addition to the mass conversation and growing viral videos. Let this be a learning experience.

I also came across Heidi Cohen’s blog where she lists out 31 well needed questions to ask about the Old Spice Campaign, number five being:

“5. Brand status. Did the campaign transform the brand making it an icon? Did the brand’s reach become part of the culture?”

Yes, and yes.

Cheers from London.


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I have yet another story to add to my venture into the depths of the effectiveness of airport security. Read my story on how my friend had a pocket knife in his carry on luggage and was not caught, first. Then read the story about the 6 year old girl who was put on a terrorist watch list, second.

So a reader of my blog came to me anonymously and wanted to tell me of his story of how he feels the TSA is just doing a poor job. Let me first add that they are doing a good job keeping profiled individuals in check. Any person in a tan body is rigorously checked; violation of rights? For instance, the Nigerian that attempted to blow up Northwest Airlines Flight 253. He tried to detonate his explosive that was molded to his body but was immediately overpowered by passengers and crew. This could of been prevented if authorities who were WARNED of this ahead of time from the father put him on a no-fly list, but never added the terrorist to the list. Please take note that after this bombing attempt, airport security was increased all over the world. Read the article from BBC from the link above.

After this  increase in security, it is still possible to sneak prohibited objects through airport security. My reader, a few months ago traveled to Florida for a few days. Before his flight, he went through security with no problems. He then got on the plane, stowed his luggage and found his seat. His hands at his side felt a hard object in his pocket. He reached in and found a box cutter. Are you kidding me? A box cutter?

I understand that getting through security adds time to get on a plane and it can also bottle neck people from boarding, but there is no excuse. Safety of the travelers must always come first, always. Just get to the airport sooner and plan ahead. You can help make this investigation that I am creating useful. Be honest to me and you will be kept anonymous, your name and where this occurred will be kept confidential. If you know anyone that has slipped through security with a prohibited object, I want to know. Aggregating these stories can raise awareness to  pressure authorities to step up effectiveness in stopping terrorists and help protect the lives of individuals. Please leave a comment or send me a message.

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Homeland Security has done it again… Thanks to the new “Secure Flight Program.”

If any of you can recall the event where my friend accidentally left a knife in his carry on and it was never caught by the TSA, this is really going to shake your head at the bright individuals that work for our government.

Alyssa Thomas and her family were boarding for a domestic flight when they were pulled aside because her name turned up on a terrorist list. The FBI cannot say anything more about the mysterious list such as how many people are on it, who is on it or even why.

Whatever the case is, what the hell? Maybe the FBI has a good reason for putting a 6yr old on a terrorist watch list. It’s well over my head because I cannot seem to think of a good, legitimate or even bizarre reason. Funny thing is, a few months prior to the incident, they were in Mexico. No terrorist then?

Read the Article and watch the video here OR Watch just the video here

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I recently watched a video I found from a friend posted on Facebook. This video is a highlight of Columbia SWAT in Missouri performing a raid on a family home in February. They only found a tiny amount of Marijuana in the home, enough to charge a misdemeanor . However, that is not the punchline. (Check out the link to the article here)

As they raided the home they shot the family’s kenneled pit bull and corgi seven times. The dogs were no threat. The family’s seven year old son was present as they fired upon the dog. In conclusion, the husband was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana  and the parents were charged with child endangerment. So second hand smoking from cigarettes are just fine? I pity ignorance and people who still believe marijuana is a threat to society. Comment this; I like to incite debate.

Watch the video———————>

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After reading a passage out of Glenn Beck’s “Common Sense” I had to share it. But before you start to bash Glenn Beck, read about his roots.

He does have a few things in his book where I had to disagree with but this got me thinking a bit:

There are many in Washington and in academic circles who want to leave you defenseless -they seek to compel you to rely on the government for your own protection. They believe that our best defense against gun violence is to hope that “the shooter will eventually run out of  bullets.” READ ON:

Continue reading this article ›

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I was watching a video and thought to myself, are we living outside of sustainability? HELL YES.

We are way too wasteful, but its so cheap to be wasteful than to be sustainable. (for the most part) Cheap products are cheaper than sustainable products, thats a pretty much given fact. This video gives a good insight—

Watch this video! This makes a lot of sense, and I think we really need to start realizing that we are spending and consuming outside of our sustainable area. America will be going through a huge standard of living. A huge change from being one of the countries with the highest standard of living.

Leave your comments and let me know what you think!

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So here is the scoop: I want to know what you all think about our country. Ideally I want you to comment on why you chose the way you did.

Our country has gone through A LOT of changes, some that have been considered the greatest of our time and few are considered the greatest changes of our nation. We have experienced one of the worst credit crunches since the great depression, we have a $12 trillion deficit, damn. We are just full of problems, but isn’t this how the cycle works? Are we just over exaggerating our problems or are we just sugar coating them?

Let me know!

So choose your answer and comment on why.

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